Mobitex “The Flow” Altar Records | ARCDA76| Out now!



Mobitex is Eyal Markovich from the Sea of Galilee Israel. The love for psytrance found him in 1997 and after being deeply submerged in the electronic scene he embarked on his electronic music production journey, first starting out with production software like Rebirth and Fruity Loops 1.1.

In 2003, he decided to undertake studies in sound engineering which was an exponential experience to continue to achieve a B.A in communication studies.

Soon after in 2007, he found himself at a threshold of choosing careers between music or becoming a teacher. He did become a teacher. Nevertheless, life had additional plans for him in store. In 2015, he teamed up with Hudur Shrim and out of that revelation they skillfully produced two albums under the nickname “Profondita”:

‘Ciel’ which was released on Altar Records May 2016. And the second album released in May 2017 as ‘Dracarys’.

Today, Eyal is well on the way in his successful musical career as he is producing his own project Mobitex with a ‘chillgressive’ style (a combination of chill out and progressive trance sounds) with elements that will sweep the listener away onto a exuberant hypnotic musical voyage…


W&P by Eyal Markovich
Track #3 Originally produced by Profondita with Hudur Shrim
Track 4 with Michal Niecikowski
Track 5 with Hesus (a.k.a Eyal Rubinstain)

Artwork manipulation by DJ Zen @ Altar Records
Mastering by Manifold Studio, Russia.

More tracks from Mobitex on Altar compilations:

We Are the Same:

No Gravity (rmx)

Offered in 24Bits studio master quality.

Available formats:

This will be a digital release only as the length of this album goes over 82mns. Therefore it is not possible to print a CD for this time…

Bandcamp 24Bits Digital:



Thank you so much for your love & support

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ASTRAL WAVES “La Danse du Chaman’ – Out now | ARCDA83

A new and fresh album from Astral Waves aka DJ Zen.

A rare musical mix range of non-commercial, raw, old-school and organic, psychedelic and deep twisted progressive. Stomping tribal tracks crafted with loving care of detail.

Gratitude to the indigenous tribes of the world !

More music like this? :

Full demo, mixed CD album on Youtube HD:

released October 25, 2018

W&P, mastering and inlay by DJ Zen @ Altar Records

12-string / electric guitar by Eric Violette on tracks 1, 2

Tribal flutes by Projet æolia on track #2:

Track #7 originally written by Wonderfeel, Australia

-Ayahuasca Icaro sung by Shipibo Shaman Benjamin Ochavano on track #2
-Featuring The voice of Tohe on track #3
-Ayahuasca Icaro sung by Don Benito Arevalo on track #4
-Hand drum by Marilaine Savard on track #5

Artwork by Aleksandar Kenzo Zlateski @ Nexus Studios

Offered in 24 bits studio master for digital files and 16 bit on CD version.


01- La Danse des Hiboux (Owl’s Dance) 118 bpm
02- La Danse du Chaman (Shaman’s Dance) 123 bpm
03- La Danse du Copal (Copal Dance) 124 bpm
04- La Danse de Gaia (Gaia’s Dance) 124 bpm
05- La Danse des Esprits (Spirits Dance) 124 bpm
06- La Danse des Tribus (Dance of the Tribes) 124.5 bpm
07- Wonderfeel ‘Intraterrestrial’ (Astral Waves Remix) 110 bpm
08- ‘La Danse du Feu’ (second mix) 105 bpm
(BONUS track in Bandcamp only)

Supporting indigenous communities and land conservation projects. A percentage of all funds from the sales are channeled to this aim.
Until now $500US were given to charity project CEIBA leaf, via Tribal Gathering org.

all rights reserved

amerindian astral waves electronic experience indigenous shaman downtempo psy-chill psychill trance tribal Montreal


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Cabeiri “Temple Within” out now


Cabeiri brothers Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos from Greece are returning after a long silence with a new album on Altar Records.

Cabeiri delivered their first release “Inner Thoughts” in 2001; a strong album full of deep, relaxing ambient laced with down tempo grooves and complex melodies. In 2014, they came back with ‘Self Insider’, a uniquely uptempo psychedelic, progressive-chill sound.

Now they offer us ‘Temple Within’, a beautiful voyage in the deep psychill style with Indian influences permeating, as many of the track titles suggests.

We hope you enjoy this new album!

Cabeiri brothers would like to give their special thanks to:

Gabriel aka DJ Zen @ Altar Records for his trust and for the chance
he is giving us by circulating our music.

Justin Totemical for his really wonderful artwork that fits perfect with the album.

Our very good technician Akis FatData for his valuable help with equipment and our good friend John Fasma for his willing to help us in sound.

And of course all of our friends and followers of Cabeiri music for the love and support that they are shown to us all these years.

Hope you will enjoy our new music album and we wish from the depths of our heart prosperity for all living beings in our world.
released September 14, 2018

♪♫ W&P by Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos, Greece

Mastered by DJ Zen

► Artwork by Justin Totemical

Offered in 24bits studio master.

all rights reserved

electronic downtempo progressive chill psy-chill psychill psytrance Greece

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AKSHAN “World of Duality” out now!

Altar Records is very proud to offer you the latest compositions from Akshan, wrapped up in a Deluxe Digipack with a beautiful design by Aleksandar Zlateski and DJ Zen.


After 5 years of silence, while in the meantime, Akshan left us with his deeply enjoyed first album “Tree of Life” which was crafted of delicious ambient and down tempo tribal grooves. Shortly after this album, his landmark album “The Rise of Atlantis” was released. Today, the master is back with another conceptual album!

This time we’ll dive into the dualism of life, the coexistence of opposite forces and thoughts that drives all forms of life on Earth. The subject is vast and was masterfully designed in a fieriest auditory experience by our dear French artist.

“World of Duality” was in the making over 4 years, and again certainly proves that Akshan is way ahead of his pals with his talents, as he crafts us with his own unique beats, ambiances and melodies.

This album sweats true maturity and it seems that Akshan became aware of his dual nature, while he began to transcend it and was able to express his feelings through the music.
His sound is one of a kind and like a lone angelic knight opening new horizons for us to discover, he amazes us again!

PART 1 : Down-tempo
1 – Welcome as You Are (122bpm)
2 – La Conscience de l’Espace (120bpm)
3 – World of Trouble (125bpm)
4 – Time for Change (125bpm)

PART 2 : Trance
5 – The Other Side (130bpm)
6 – Underworld (130bpm)
7 – Rebirth (130bpm)
8 – Time is Unity (130bpm)

“Duality is an essential feature of the human mind. Our mind makes use of duality to understand the world, to make sense of it.

Had our mind not been dual, I don’t think we could ever possibly describe the world around us. There would be no language, no words, no measurements, nothing. The mind is what it is because of duality.”
released March 16, 2018

♪♫ W&P by Akshan, France.

The artwork is a collaboration between Aleksandar Zlateski and DJ Zen:

Mastered by DJ Zen

Offered in 24bits studio master quality



©all rights reserved


akshan electronic tribal tribal trance world of duality downtempo progressive chillout psychill trance France

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SUDUAYA “Autumnal Retreat” EP


1. Autumnal Retreat 04:39
2. Wanderlust With You 05:36
3. Rapossa – Last Way (Suduaya Remix) 06:08

One year to the day after the release of ‘Venus’ and only a few weeks after his amazing remix to The Bhaktas ( ) Suduaya return with an EP that finds him still on a creative roll.

As we are just heading into the winter season, we hope this EP inspires you to take some time to treat yourself and make a little at home retreat!


released December 15, 2017

W&P by Louis-David Roquefere

Mastered by DJ Zen

Artwork by Aleksandar Kenzo Zlateski:

♪♫ Track #3 originally released by Lump Records, Chile

Offered in 24bits studio master


©all rights reserved

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SUFI’S LIFE “Quantum Secrets” out now! |ARCDA73| Altar Records

Out now The debut album from Sufi’s Life!


Today with the full-length release of ‘Quantum Secrets’, Sufi’s Life aka Jovan Tot from Serbia has made his dream come true!

Sufi’s Life music is deeply touching and straight to the heart.
He is one of a kind trained musician who love to take his time to craft musical pearls. His goal is to make them perfect to shine bright for the eternity. Music for the people to illuminate the soul and magnify the inner light is of fundamental importance for Jovan.

And so, without further delay, let’s dive into the universe of ‘Quantum Secrets’.


released October 3, 2017

W&P by Jovan Tot, Serbia:
-Track #5 with Ancient Core aka Mihai S. Cadar & Alexandru Marius Bodochi & Elianna Dulce
-Track 7 & 9 with Merlin aka Slobodan Gacesa

Artwork by Aleksandar Kenzo Zlateski:

Mastering by DJ Zen @ Altar Records

More tracks from Sufi’s Life can be found here:


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PROFONDITA “Dracarys” new album

PROFONDITA “Dracarys” new album out now!



Dragons are well-known mythological creatures that have magical powers.
The Latin word draco, as in the constellation Draco, means huge serpent or water-snake. The word ‘dragon’ also comes directly from the Greek drakones or draconta, meaning “to watch”.
The Greeks look at dragons as beasts, guarding treasured pieces.
Some live in deep areas, such as underwater and caves, while others live on top of mountains so that ancient civilizations couldn’t reach them.

The Progressive Psychill geniuses are back!

Here is ‘Dracarys’ from Profondita. Their last treasure is filled with 8 musical gems guarded by a beautiful luminous dragon designed by George Atherton from Geoglyphics.
The tracks have been a successful hit and exploded with enthusiasm on the dance-floors.
The amazing ‘Profondigiman’ track featuring Gabriel Kimchi aka Aborigiman is ready to blast your sound system and explode the epic dance-floors at festivals all around the world.
The tracks have been a successful thrill with exploded enthusiasm on the dance-floors.

If you’re a long-standing fan and have enjoyed their first opus ‘Ciel’ of their exquisite music, you will be in for a musical delicacy with this weaving follow-up album !
Offered in 24bits flawless quality for the download version.
The CD’s packaging is made of the beautiful Digipack for the visionary pleasures.


released May 31, 2017

W&P by Hudur Shrim & Eyal Markovich; Sea Of Galilee, Israël.

Mastering and layout by DJ Zen, Canada

Cover Artwork by George Atherton, USA
Embellished by DJ Zen @ Altar


PS: This is the last album of the duo. They now have their own projects therefore they are not planning to write another album together.
-Hudur will continue to drive Profondita: his first solo and double-album is scheduled for 2018. He’s also still making music as Ko-Doa, Minimal Tok-Yo and Blue Whirl.
-Eyal works from now on his Mobitex project as you may have heard on ‘Winter’ and ‘Serial Chillers’ compilations earlier this year. He’ll also soon release his first full-length album on Altar.


1. Yanina 09:50 -103Bpm
2. Dracarys 08:12 -105Bpm
3. Profondita feat. Aborigiman – Profondigiman 10:14 -107Bpm
4. Itamar’s Dream 09:20 -108Bpm
5. Khaleesi 09:48 -111Bpm
6. Volluto 09:26 -114Bpm
7. Seven Five 09:13 -115Bpm
8. Miri B. 10:12 -115Bpm

Offered in 24Bits studio master quality.

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