Nick Klimenko aka Chronos Biography

Nikita Klimenko from Moscow, Russia



When Nick was born, doctors cut XLR female cable instead of umbilical cord 🙂

Since earliest childhood learning & researching musical waves & their influence to the people around.
In the age of 12 started to learn computer programs, arrange basics & practicing in his own creativity.

In the age of 15 boy build his first musical studio & start to work with selling electronic music cd,played like a dj & live acts with first serious tracks, as a part of Attention promo group organizing thematic club parties & collecting many sorts & kinds of music.

Sweet seventeen comes with first releases – Self-promo album “Endepen Dancde” & first abroad release (trance track) on Australian label Alkaloid Rec

Artist was a part & inspiration of two trance projects: “Secret Trick” & “Hologram”,which had received good feed backs & releases in different countries, runs 2 radioshows on Sunwave radio: “Mushroom Rain” – trance & “Fly Before Dream” – chillout,worked like interviewer & journalist on big psychedelic trance events, made competitions of original cd’s of friendly chillout & trance labels & played live & dj in lots of clubs in Russia.



In 2004 put all forces to the chillout culture & started to develop this new & unique movement.In this moment Chronos project was born. First project track “Mandala” was released on Russian label “Kvadro Disc”

2007 – first debut album of Chronos – “Steps To The Great Knowledge” was released on Canadian label Sunline rec.Album was recognized like on of the most perspective chillout creation of the year.

2008 – Several releases on chillout labels with worldwide names, organisation first full chilled & thematic “Flexible Dreams Event”party with reason to show different & fresh way of party organization & new pathways to the musical thematica & energy of club event & presentation of almums of friends.

Lots of live acts on festivals,clubs,openairs under Chronos name on one stage with:Asura,Abacus, Aes Dana,Carbon Based Lifeforms,Shulman,Shpongle,Side Liner,Kukan Dub Lagan.Two awesome gigs @ Ukraine Planetarium & Moscow VDNH square was the most beautiful & bright events which give lot of inspiration to move.

Also Nick ending soundengeneering studies @ “First National School Of Television” as soundengener speciality & preparing second collaborative album Chronos & CJ Catalizer – “Quid Est Veritas?” which was released on Ajana rec (Germany) in summer of 2009.

2009 – Prepared lot’s of live acts & bright performances with live musicians,recieved lot’s of feedback about second album.

The fact of playing keyboard,vargan & making aranges & compositions for over 10 years giving a new way of development –
Nick started to teach soundengeneering lessons,synthesis basics,music making.
Working deeply with commercial audio, sound design & new musical compositions & 3d Chronos album. Making soundbanks for different companies like:, videoclips & other audio works.


About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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