Sacral Reason aka Anton Bakhtin Biography



“Musicians since childhood, Sacral Reason was founded in 2002 by Anton and Vadim Bakhtin. The basic idea behind the project was the creation of beautiful and melodic Chill Out & Downbeat tracks and embedding them with a sacred sense of the ways of our civilization, the expansion of galaxies, and the universe.
Sacral Reason music is emotion, melody and freedom, all woven into sound waves, hearing and feeling what happens in the heart and soul of the composers”.


About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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One Response to Sacral Reason aka Anton Bakhtin Biography

  1. El Greco says:

    I want to say a few words about ‘Sacral Reason – Soul Splinters’ 2010 album.
    I listen to a lot of new age & electronic music and this album is way above the bar.
    It’s relaxing, melodic and emotional, Anton and Vadim Bakhtin shows a bit of magic & style here. New age music fans must not miss that.

    Cu 🙂

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