C.J. Catalizer Biography

C.J. Catalizer

C.J. Catalizer


Dimitry aka. CJ Catalizer grew up on the rhythm & melodica of Station-106.8 FM radio, opening up to electronic music & culture in 1995.

In 1996 he started experimenting with his own sound using the most powerful computer at the time (from which the name CJ, *computer jockey*)

During years of deep involvement in electronic music and growing experience, Dimitry progressed to House, Trance & Lounge music, and in parallel in Ambient & Psychill style.

The starting point of serious creation was in 2006, with the release of his first debut album “Across The Universe” on the russian electronic label SHUM, recorded in down tempo style; it becomes a visiting card. In a short time, the album goes around the world (in CD & mp3 formats), sales everywhere including net of stores “Soiuz”. Tracks from the album can be heard in many dj sets of chillout djs in Russia, Germany, Israel, Greece, Italy, and the US.
In 2007, Dimitry became a member of Chronos, project of Nick Klimenko. Some tracks are released on compilations in Germany & Ibiza (Spain) & they start to perform live projects. In 2007-2008 Dimitry played on one scene with Asura, Abakus, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, Shulman, Carbon based Lifeforms etc. Finally, he was a guest and involved in the Synthetic Sound Festival, Phonokol Ultra Party, MegaChill, Space 2008, Sky Gravity festival & other private & commercial parties.




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