Progressive trance @ Altar Records: NEW ALBUM: GMO Vs. Dense “Through Other Glasses”

By a fluke, DJ Dense from Hamburg, Germany, found out that “Morning“- from GMO‘s first album “Einblick“ (2001) -works quite well on chill out floors when pitched down … but there was much more necessary to make it perfect and in a unique modern form. Over the winter, using his knowledge of dj-ing on trance floors as well as on chill out floors, he created new versions of former GMO tracks.

The chillgressive view describes this new experience of progressive chill out versions by reworking the main melodies and uplifting moods to explore and to groove.

Tested on many German open air psychedelic trance festivals over the summer, we are now proud to present nine selected remixes which will satisfy the minds and ears of those who‘ve been wanting new progressive chill out.

It is unnecessary to present Olaf Gretzmacher aka GMO from Germany, a pioneer in trance progressive sound!

For this exclusive release, Dense aka Christian Schoeps from chillgressive tunes, a near friend to Olaf, has reworked 9 of the original compositions from the legendary albums “Einblick”, “Landscapes” and “Groovy Day”, transforming them into progressive chillout versions.

The result is remarkable and original, suiting perfectly the amazing summer we are experiencing.

Another Altar Records progressive-chill release not to be missed!

Successfully tested at Eclipse festival main stage, Qc., Canada 🙂


About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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