::: C.J. CATALIZER “I’ll Be There” ::: album released!

::: C.J. CATALIZER “I’ll Be There” :::


“When we leave this world, how much we have loved will be our true legacy. It is the only thing we will leave behind and carry with us”


“I’ll be There” is the essence of everything that is C.J. Catalizer.

All those things that defined the excellence of “Across the Universe” are here.The percussion driven deep groovy bass-lines intertwined with beautiful panoramic soundscapes and carefully layered with  studio and live-recorded vocals.

This evolution of C.J. Catalizer’s sound reflects new levels of refinement and skill that reward the listener with absolutely stunning detailed production and a clarity that will submerge you fully in the experience of this album.

“I’ll Be There” will delight those seekers who desire cosmic inspired compositions specially crafted to elevate the listener to an almost spiritual state of consciousness as each song unfolds in a story-like fashion.

Open your mind, explore this newest exquisitely crafted offering from C.J. Catalizer, and experience the beauty and emotion that is “I’ll Be There”!


Written & Produced by Dimitriy Neschadim (Moscow, Russia)

Dean De Benedictis aka Surface 10 ( USA, Los Angeles ) – ideological inspirer & composer

Cumie Dunio aka Cumie, ( Spain, Barcelona ) – vocals

Irina Kystovskaya aka Hvoya ( Ukraine, Kiev ) – vocals

Photo by Vadim Preslitsky

Artwork by Dj Zen @ Digitalys Studios

Mastering by Diogo C. Borges @ Limbo Central Studios; Belo Horizonte, Brazil




About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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