:::Altar Records :: Newsletter #19 ::: ::: ASTRAL WAVES “Magique” ::: released!

Mastering & Artwork by Dj Zen @ Digitalys Studios


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Astral Waves (aka DJ Zen) of Altar Records is known for his 2007 release of “Mystique” (French for Mystic) and having released numerous singles to well-known labels such as Altar, Peak, Sellaband, Sunline, Suntrip Records, and YSE over the past decade.

Now Zen returns in force with his second full-length Astral Waves release, “Magique” (French for Magic).

Zen takes years of growth and experience paired with much valued input from talented artists such as Vibrasphere, Astropilot, CJ Catalizer, Suduaya, Zymosis, and Tentura and puts his evolved skills and knowledge to work remixing original tracks supplied by these artists.

Magique” is comprised of eight tracks. Each is reworked from top to bottom including the use of live drum samples taken in his studio and the lovely voice of Iz.

This long awaited album is sure to please a wide spectrum of music lovers, from ambient chillers to psychedelic and progressive heads! Enjoy!


Also on Altar Digital:

MIC’s work, Timenvu, presents ten extended pieces which explore the furrowed yet rich field of hypnotic psybient with over 120 minutes of music.

Recorded between August 2008 and May 2011, the work contains atmospheric pieces which seek to approximate a “journey of discovery”.

Timenvu opens with “Evolution,” a strong piece which uses a mildly ethereal melody and spaces between sounds to achieve a very pleasing effect.

The rest of the album flows through deep ambient gems, such as “Visite Champêtre” and “Conception”, and through songs with more live-recorded instruments like the clarinet, such as “Vagabondage” and “Souffle Au Printemps”.

All in all, MIC’s album flows effortlessly over chilled beats, greasy acidic basslines, sharp synth melodies and the like to provide us with a very good, proper follow up to “Vers Luisant” track released on Hadra Records over three years later.

Available on digital format only in Bandcamp



About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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