::: ORGANIC BEATS VOL.1 -Various Artists ::: OUT NOW!


1. ASURA “Forefathers” 06:00
2. SEAMOON “Fractured Fractions” 08:19
3. SUDUAYA “Jungle HeartBeat” 06:00
4. VLASTUR “Ivette Dub” 05:00
5. CABEIRI “Stellar Tribes” 07:00
6. REBORN SOUL “Gold Castle” 11:21
7. ALWOODS “Flying Owl” 06:30
8. ASTROPILOT “Arabic Psymphony 2012” 05:40
9. DEEP IN MIND – “Guerilla” (twilight symphony remix by Lemonchill)


Compiled and Mastered by Dj Zen @ Altar Records



A fresh offering from Altar Records, Organic Beats Vol. 1 has been compiled by DJ Zen to bring together a number of surprisingly diverse elements in this vibrant and genre-blurring release.

This newest compilation employs a unique approach that often has the feel of a live performance. Comprised of elements from psychedelic chill, psychedelic dub, tribal-ethnic music, the resultant sound forms a coherent whole that blends all of these different styles into a seamless digital melting pot. Add in acoustic instrumentation, keyboard improvisations, and ethnic vocals and this compilation comes to life as a vibrant and engaging mix that serves the listener on many levels.

This compilation caters to lovers of psychedelic chill-out who want a rich sound that is unrestricted by the limitations of genre distinctions, and DJ Zen’s master touches will serve those well who value clarity and definition in their music.

Organic Beats Vol. 1 will be released on the 23 th of May 2012 in an environmentally friendly format, printed on 100% FSC paper in the USA in an Eco-Deluxe Digipak format that will be limited to 300 copies. Obtain a copy, and enjoy the journey as Organic Beats Vol. 1 relaxes you and lifts your mood as it carries you along on chilled waves of organic tunes, studio instruments, bright synths, and dubby beats!



About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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