::: ZYMOSIS “Between Two Points” ::: new album out now !

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying



A sequence of beautiful dreams

Zymosis is a psychedelic-ambient project which has brought it’s own bright light to psy-culture over the past 14 years.

Four years ago these Ukranian pioneers debuted
with “Elements Into Data”, an album that became widely cherished among psychillers, Goaheads, and ambient lovers alike. This release gave us a unique organic experience comprised of world music inspirations and shamanic sounds seamlessly fused with
elements of psychedelic trance.

Now arrives the long awaited followup “Between Two Points”! With this newest offering, expect nothing less than a fantastic emotional album featuring remixes of Shulman‘s widely acclaimed track “The Unexpected Visitor”, a solid collaboration with Seamoon, and last but not least a nice melodic track from their first album remixed by none other than Micky Noise.

Dmitriy Likhachev – composer & arranger
Alexey Ivchenko – electro & accoustic guitar
Olga Troyan – vocal
Viktoriya Grigo – vocal

Mastering & layout by DJ Zen @ Digitalys Studios

3D Artwork by Enno Odzunu





About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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