ASTROPILOT “Midgard-Earth” EP out now!

::: ASTROPILOT “Midgard-Earth” :::


AstroPilot aka Dmitry Redko presents us his most recent works while we are awaiting for his new and anticipated album scheduled to be released January 2014.

Entitled “Midgard-Earth” the 5 songs are here therefore deeply connected with the land, nature and our mother Earth.

All tracks are written in 424 Hz tuning, the frequency of our homeland Earth!

Exclusive remixes were made especially for this EP as well as introducing the symbol of Veles, featured on the edges of the artwork.
Veles is known to be the God of autumn, western lands, underworld, earth, waters, fertility, cattle, pasture, snakes, wolves, medicine and magic.

The word volhov, obviously derived from his name, in some Slavic languages still means sorcerer, whilst in the 12th century Russian epic The Tale of Igor’s Campaign, character of Boyan the wizard is called Veles’ grandson.

Veles’ nature for mischief is evident both from his role in Storm myth and in carnival customs of Koledari shamans.
In his role as a trickster god, he is in some ways similar to both Greek Hermes and Scandinavian Loki, and like them, he was connected with magic.

Since magic was and is closely linked to music in primitive societies, Veles was also believed to be protector of traveling musicians.


About altarrecords

Music is not what we do, It's who we are. We hope that our releases will light up your life and bring joy to those around you.
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