E-MANTRA “Echoes from the Void” ::: new album out now!


::: E-MANTRA : Echoes from the Void :::

new album out now!



“Echoes from the Void” is the new opus from the master of psybient Emanuel Carpus aka E-Mantra.
In this album Emanuel has pushed his ideas farther to generate greater depth within his newest creation. He set out to paint a story through spectral frequencies, beautiful vocals and wistful melodies.
With our emotions invoked while listening to “Echoes from the Void,” immediatly we see ourselves on the dance floor. Rising inside feeling unable to stand still because Emanuel’s sound has enveloped you.

Having the quality we have come to expect, you will find this album is filled with greater rolling basslines and builds to a faster bpm throughout the album. More so than his previous 3 psychill /GoaChill albums on Altar Records.
Those who have come to know and enjoy the slower beats of classic E-Mantra style, will enjoy this album. It starts out gently in psychill, evolving ever so gradually onto more deeply progressive progressions. All of this being unique to E-Mantra as he continues to craft what inspires him, aka Night Hex nowadays, in the studio…

Thank you E-Mantra for the chance to let us enter your single world of magic!

Also available in 24Bits quality


W&P By Emanuel Carpus, Romania.
Track 04 with Reasonandu (Alexandru Dumitrescu)
Track 06 original by Sundial Aeon (Radoslaw Kochman & Daniel Lulkowski)
Artwork by Olivia Curry
Mastering & layout by Dj Zen @ Altar Records, Qc., Canada


Available formats:
CD-only 14€:



Bandcamp CD + immediate download:

16Bits          24Bits
tm34_bandcamp.png     tm34_bandcamp.png


Next release :


ASTRAL WAVES – “Magnetique”

March 2015

The third studio album from Astral Waves aka DJ Zen, head of Altar Records is coming up in March 2015.

Magnetique“, as the name suggests, contains electric and sparkly melodies. Powerful drones. Mystical ambiances. Captivating, engaging vocal samples. 4/4 kicks and rolling basslines.

A solid album carefully written and crafted during 4 years in a studio equipped with Cubase 7, RME soundcard, the worldly-acclaimed Neumann sound system and the unforgettable help of amazing musician friends.

Listen/Pre order
16 or 24Bits

Pre order CD-only 14€:

YouTube video for track #1: “Emergence”



Thank you everyone for reading and your precious support.

Altar Records takes a little break until March.
Have a great winter filled with good vibes and music!




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